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OrgPlus is The World’s Best-selling Organisational Charting Software.

Still struggling with Powerpoint, Visio or some other drawing program to create org charts? What if you could create boardroom quality org charts in minutes? And suppose your org chart was more than just an image. What if it also revealed key metrics like headcount, cost, and performance? Displayed information by department or the whole organisation in just a few clicks? Your org chart is now an invaluable tool for understanding and managing your workforce.

This is OrgPlus.

OrgPlus is the industry leading desktop-based organisational charting and planning software. The OrgPlus suite of solutions includes Premium, Professional and Standard editions.

Forget about flipping through files and piecing together personnel data and information. With the OrgPlus suite of solutions all your pertinent workforce information is organised and stored in one intuitive central location that provides you with the answers you need instantly.

OrgPlus Video Tutorials

You can learn more about using OrgPlus by exploring our library of video tutorials