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We help organizations achieve business harmony by delivering world-class software to organize and strategize today and into the future.

We are the exclusive international distributor of OrgPlus, the world’s best-selling organizational charting and planning software. We provide sales and support to OrgPlus resellers and customers anywhere outside the United States.

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Case Studies

Southampton City College

Southampton City College wanted a simple and efficient way of developing organisational charts in order to help visualise the workforce, define and communicate department structures, and highlight spans of control. OrgPlus provided a solution – flexible functionality, integration with the HR management system, visualisation of data, and easy to use charting tools.

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Liberata was looking for a solution that would provide a visual view of data, to display clear reporting lines with defined spans of control, and to help with managing workforce budgets. OrgPlus helped them to communicate the firms structure through the visualisation of data in organisational charts, and tangible return of investment has been achieved through significant savings in the preparation time of charts and greater control over temporary and permanent head count.

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