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Importing Data using LDAP


This article describes how to import data from a LDAP Database into OrgPlus to
build a chart. LDAP sources can include but are not limited to Microsoft’s
Active Directory and Exchange server.

In order to import using LDAP you must create a data connection file and then
use the Import Wizard to select that file.


To create a Connection to LDAP:

Select Import Data from the File Menu

Select “My employee data is ready to be imported

Click Get Started

Select the Data Source – LDAP

Click the Next button

To create a data configuration file:

Create a file, of the extension type “.ldap”. Use the following parameters to
create your LDAP connection file:

Parameter Description
server LDAP server address
(example – server = server.domain.domainext)
Protocol Protocol specifies version 2 or 3 of LDAP
(example – protocol = 3)
user Login name
(example – user = username)
rememberpassword Keep encrypted password in LDAP config file
(0 = no, 1 = yes)
skiplogin Skips login dialog
(0 = no, 1 = yes)
password Encrypted LDAP server password is created by using the login screen at least once
filter LDAP search filter string
base The name of the entry to begin the search from
(example – base = domain, dc = domainext)
acceptedfields Indicates which attributes to return for each matching entry
multivalued For multivalued attributes, choose to take only the first value
(first), create new columns for each value (clone), or append each value in a
single field (append)
lowercase List of fields which should be forced into a lowercase. Useful for
Position and ReportsTo fields














LDAP data connection file contents screenshot

To import data using LDAP:

Select Import Data from the File menu.

Select .ldap file you just created and click Open.

Use the import wizard in OrgPlus Professional to finish the import process.

Note: You may need to enter the Username and Password to access the LDAP

LDAP Server Login dialog box

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