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Altula Partner Program

OrgPlus has long been the world’s best selling software for creating and maintaining organisational charts and managing organisational change. We are looking to expand our network of resellers to extend our reach into existing and new markets.

We offer competitive reseller margins and will work with you to develop a comprehensive OrgPlus marketing program and deliver OrgPlus sales training and tools to your staff. You’ll be up and running, providing a valuable, new solution to your customer base, and generating revenue from OrgPlus in no time.

Program Categories

We offer two types of partnerships:

Corporate Reseller
Altula’s Corporate Reseller Program allows authorised organisations to offer OrgPlus products to its customers.

Value Added Reseller
Altula’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners include organisations that have experience selling and implementing HR business solutions. In addition to reselling our software, you can expand your business by offering implementation and best practice consulting services.

Become an OrgPlus Reseller Today
Team up with us today and offer the world’s top selling org charting software to your customers. Whether you provide software or consulting services, our partnership is a step forward in ensuring continued customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

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