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Insperity OrgPlus Professional

Key Features of OrgPlus Professional

OrgPlus Professional contains importing, automation, formatting and publishing capabilities that simplify management of charts larger than 50 employees:

  • Intuitive Microsoft Office based user interface puts all Insperity OrgPlus capabilities at your fingertips
  • View Templates are pre-built with fields and formulas to address HR challenges
  • Smart Fields highlight when data in any field meets user-defined conditions
  • Windows 7 & 8 certified compatibility ensures smooth integration
  • Updated training and tutorials make even the most advanced features easy to use
  • Improved Import Wizard guides chart creation and formatting. The Wizard allows you to specify fields, chart styles and more during the import process
  • Symbols Library allows you to replace text with easy-to-understand visual icons
  • Designer templates and samples help you quickly create professional-looking charts
  • Formatting options like font, color, style and text alignment provide greater control over your chart design
  • Insert pictures into boxes and free-floating objects
  • Sub-charts make large charts manageable by breaking them into smaller sections
  • Profiles display additional details for communication and analysis
  • OrgTree panel enables views and editing of entire hierarchy Print charts for distribution and sharing
  • Create directories, phone and e-mail lists for quick contact
  • Hotspots or hyperlinks display related information
  • Publish charts in HTML for websites and intranets
  • Import data from ODBC, Oracle, LDAP, TXT, XLS and XML
  • Export data to Excel, CSV for additional analysis
  • Customisable formulas allow you to create hierarchy-driven metrics within your charts
  • Advanced search lets you run ad hoc queries and quickly identify people based on specific or multiple criteria Advanced import features allow you to handle duplicate records, filter data, sort by specific criteria, and more
  • User defined archiving rules enable you to retrieve past and present information
  • Publish charts in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint format to include in documents
  • Publish charts in navigable PDF format including clickable arrows for easily moving through the chart
  • Publish charts to the Web either in HTML or for the Insperity OrgPlus free browser plug-in
  • Scheduled data synchronisation with source data keeps your chart information up to date
  • Scheduled automatic chart updates keep the chart current on Web, corporate intranet or shared network drive
  • Automatic e-mail distribution simplifies chart sharing with co-workers


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