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Liberata implements OrgPlus for intelligent charting solution with data from SAP benefits from unexpected improvements to its tendering process

Liberata has over 30 years experience in the provision and innovation of Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. Ranked in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 companies, Liberata employs 2,800 staff across over 20 locations throughout the UK, working with clients from Local and Central Government sectors and other Private sector businesses. Liberata creates value for its clients by administering processes more effectively than can be achieved in-house.

The Challenge
The executive team at Liberata were looking to review their staff structure. They wanted to provide a unified view of the workforce with the ability to easily communicate the organisations structure across the firm. The executive team wanted a cost effective solution which could be easily deployed to help provide clarity and manage its most valuable and expensive assets – its employees.

To accomplish this, it was imperative that the solution was flexible enough to integrate with Liberata’s HR management system, SAP and its internal IT systems across its UK sites. It was felt that accurate, relevant and timely information for critical strategic decisions could only be achieved through integration with the HR management system (HRMS).

Each office was undertaking the labour intensive process of manually creating organisation charts, often based on inaccurate data that did not mirror what was held in the central HRMS. Once completed, the org charts were almost immediately obsolete.

The Solution
Following a comprehensive evaluation, the executive team at Liberata selected OrgPlus as the most cost effective and easily deployed tool for organisational charting. The installation and configuration was intuitive, with relatively simple and straightforward integration with the HRMS, SAP.

Data was automatically loaded into OrgPlus at the press of a button directly from the HR management system, ensuring the information was both accurate and timely.

Liberata used OrgPlus to help communicate the firms’ structure across the organisation through the visualisation of the data in organisational charts. Changes were communicated back into the HR system. The charts are held on the firms’ Intranet and are updated automatically once a week.

The initial effort was focused on cleansing the data held in HRMS including the addition of new data sets and reporting lines. This helped with gaps in information and inaccuracies held on the central database.

The Results
Tangible return on investment has been achieved through significant savings in the preparation time of organisational charts and greater control over temporary and permanent head count. Liberata has been impressed by the HumanConcepts support staff, the ease of deployment and the flexibility of the product.

Liberata have found OrgPlus intuitive with flexible print and export options for improved communications and further analysis. OrgPlus has really driven the business forward through greater understanding of head count costs, allowing managers to drive improvements in performance.

Specific improvements have been highlighted with the recruitment process. Managers can immediately see which vacancies have been approved, fast tracking the recruitment process.

An added unexpected bonus of OrgPlus for Liberata has been the ability to access workforce information immediately for use in the tendering process, reviewing details on span of controls and numbers of administrators on existing contracts.

The Future
Liberata has been so delighted with the results to date they are considering upgrading to OrgPlus Enterprise. With its greater functionality, including real-time updates, collaborative management and increased security settings taken from the HR management system, it will allow greater access for managers and other employees across the business at its many sites in the UK.

Managers will have greater access to key employee metrics for workforce planning activities for analysis, budgeting and scenario planning. The end result for Liberata is that they have better control and information on head count to ensure that they remain at the top of their game.

OrgPlus has not only achieved its original goal of providing a unified view of the organisation which could be easily communicated, we have also benefited from improvements in data accuracy and tendering process, which were outside the original scope of the project.

Peter Mills, Project Leader, Liberata

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